Luxury Outdoor Design


Morvelle have been designing and manufacturing verandas, canopies and pergolas since 2013. These masterfully developed aluminium pergolas offer total control over ventilation, light and shade, meaning you can set the mood to match your own.


We have just 24 hours in a day so let a Morvelle bioclimatic pergola enhance the value of each one. Elevate your evening gatherings or savour a beautiful sunrise right in your own outdoor space.


A continuous 24V LED strip offers warm white light, housed within the gutter profile and running around the entire perimeter of the bioclimatic pergola. Dim and brighten the
light as you please via the handheld remote.


A 24V motor is concealed inside the perimeter beam and rotates the louvres open and closed. Stop the louvres in any position
with ease via the handheld remote.


Rainwater is collected in the louvres and drains into the perimeter gutter. Entirely
concealed, a downpipe disperses the water at ground level through a slot at the bottom
of the post.


The louvres are made from a single extrusion with a central reinforcing wall for enhanced strength. The louvres can rotate
110 degrees to remain as open or closed as required.

Durable Top Quality

Ten-year Warrenty

One-day Installation

Endless Customisation


Roof Specifications h
Roof dimensions: Width 4.5 m maximum
Roof dimensions: Depth 7 m maximum (with an extra column)
Passage height 2.8 m maximum
Expandable Multiple Parts
Rotation of slats Maximum 150°

Morvelle are the first and only British manufacturer of bioclimatic pergolas. 

Their research and development team dedicated more than two years to creating a system that possesses the ability to endure various weather conditions while also being customisable to suit your garden’s requirements, whether you prefer it to occupy a large or small area.

The Morvelle pergola is designed for those with a taste for elegance and refinement. All add-ons are seamlessly integrated. Why not opt for graceful sliding panels to act as partitions or lighting to create a cozy atmosphere later in the evening? This pergola shields you from the weather and wind, enabling you to enjoy the outdoors throughout the day and night.

The roof of this pergola is made of an innovative aluminium patent-pending louvre fixing that offers multiple functionalities. Whether you wish to shield from the sun, enjoy a gentle breeze, or stay dry during rainfall, the roof can be effortlessly opened or closed.. Water is efficiently drained away thanks to the integrated drainage system. No water is able to seep in when the roof is reopened, ensuring it vanishes without a trace.

3m x 4m

£11,995 inc VAT